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Multiple Solutions.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality allows us to create environments where the user can interact with objects in a virtual world through the use of virtual reality glasses. Excellent tool to create training simulations, virtual stores, showrooms and of course games.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality allows people to use their own phones to explore content without the need to use glasses. From games to tour guides, AR adoption is growing rapidly.

360 Photo & Video

We create 360 photography and video using special cameras. This content can be used for social media or embedded to your website. Using the same 360 technology we have created things like 360 interactive banners for websites.

FUnny, Unique & Engaging

FAcebook aR effects

Interactive 2D and 3D effects created for social media platforms like Facebook are a great way to provide unique branded content to your audience, from face masks to full e-commerce integrations, AR effects are a great for marketing purposes.



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